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The Bahamas Girl Guides Association (BGGA), a voluntary organization for girls founded in Great Britain in 1910, was established in The Bahamas in 1915. Today the BGGA continues to be a relevant and vibrant institution. Membership has grown to over 2,300 throughout New Providence and the Family Islands. Our Association has its headquarters in the small (360 sq.ft.) building on the corner of West Bay Street and Marcus Bethel Drive. Clearly, we have long outgrown this little building of more than 75 years old, which has been designated an historic site.

Over the past number of years, former Chief Commissioner and present Council Member, Mrs. Clarice Granger, has led numerous fundraising activities to fund the construction of a new building that would better serve the needs of the association today and for the foreseeable future. The Bahamas Government, in recognition of the sterling contributions made by the Bahamas Girl Guides Association to nation building, and in particular to positively influencing and moulding the character of girls and young women, has graciously acceded to our request to increase our present property size by 18,140 square feet for the construction of our new headquarters and parking.

Our fundraising efforts to-date have yielded approximately $750,000.00 towards a construction cost of $1,500,000.00. The building was designed by Alvan K. Rolle & Associates Ltd., Watson Construction Co. Ltd. is under contract to construct the building. We are proud and excited to report that Phase 1 of the construction has been completed.  We have recently begun our fundraising for Phase II  and we would therefore invite you to be as generous as possible in providing financial support for this project.

  • Make a one-time gift to the Bahamas Girl Guides Association
  • Make a gift in memoriam of a loved one or former guide leader who influenced your life. The organization will send a “Thank you For Making A Difference” card to the individual or family of the individual.
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  • Mail: P.O. Box N-4545, Nassau, Bahamas.
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