Our Programmes

For more than a century, the Bahamas Girl Guides Association has enhanced the lives of thousands of Bahamian women who have made and continue to make a positive impact on the development of our people and country.

Guiding seeks to influence the personal development of girls from the age of five to young adulthood. There are four levels of training, namely the Sunflowers, Brownies, Guides and Ranger Guides.

Sunflowers (Ages 5 & 6)

The Sunflower Guides was originally established in 1999 as a pre-promise group and meant to serve as a bridge to Brownie Guides. It is now recognized as the youngest level of The Bahamas Girl Guides Association.





Brownies (Ages 7-9)

Girls ages 7 to 9 years old are members of the Brownie Guide section and known as “Brownies”. While that name is appropriate for most of the members, the name “Tweenie” is used for girls who have joined a Brownie Pack but have not yet made their Promise as a Brownie. During their time in Brownies, girls learn to express their opinion and be respectful of others. They learn how to discuss ideas as well as how to plan and carry out a simple project.



Guides (Ages 10-14)

The Guides Section includes pre-teen and early teenage girls. Not only is this a period in girls’ lives when they are going through a major transition but their age group is the widest range of the four sections in Guiding. Skills that are promoted through the Guiding methodology are social responsibility and ethics, flexibility and adaptability as well as collaboration and teamwork.



Rangers (Ages 15-18)

The focus of the Ranger Programme is to prepare young women to become functional, responsible and contributing citizens of The Bahamas and the world.






The aims of each section is to provide opportunities for each girl to:

  • Develop personal values to guide her actions and provide the foundation for sound decision-making.
  • Relate to others with understanding, tolerance, kindness and respect.
  • Learn to work cooperatively, i.e. how to work with and for others.
  • Acquire leadership skills and observe women in leadership roles.
  • Become responsible, contributing citizen in her local, national and global communities.
  • Develop to her full potential and acquire a positive self-image through pride in accomplishment; the challenges of new adventures; and the development of skills.
    Understand and learn about the world, its people and cultures.
  • Make friends and have fun through fellowship of Guiding.
  • Appreciate the environment and how to preserve it.
  • Put into practice the principle of service.